These are my photos from the German Shepherd Club of Canada (GSSCC) National Championship and Seiger Show - Aug 10 - 14, 2016 in St-Hyacinth, Qc. Judges Jens-Peter Fluegge (Ob & Pr), Jim Chrisp (Tr), Frank Goldlust (Show & Breed Survey), Dorwin Anderson (Long down).

I am not the official photographer (that was Eurosport K9 - support her!) - so I did not capture every competitor in every phase. Sometimes I take a break. Sometimes, someone comes to talk to me. If you are not represented here, rest assured, it is not personal.

You can purchase these photos - hard copy prints start at $2.49, (and there are oodles of options - right up to giant prints on canvas) or you can download full size images for $2.35 each. A whole gallery (folder) of images is $32.95, so that is a better deal if you have more than 14 photos and want them all. The shopping cart is not the most intuitive, but I don't really have any control over it, but if you get stuck, email me and I will try to help.